Tole Chandelier

By mwilcox


Based on the images this piece is not really an Antique, it most likely dates from the second quarter of the 20th Century and is what's called a “Tole Chandelier”. Tole is a form of paint decorated metal, hand painted or stenciled, it's usually found in the form of trays, lampshades or household kitchen containers.

The Tole chandeliers were generally painted in life like colors, the metal leaves and flowers in natural colors, or gilded in gold, this one appears though it's original finish has been overpainted with white, likely to cover rust or wear on the old finish. Values for these chandeliers varies depending on their size and the complexity and quality of the metal work. Values vary by condition, size and quality of construction, examples like this one tend to sell at auction for less than $250.00.