Turner Wall Art ?

By mwilcox


Turner Wall Art was made by the Turner Manufacturing Company. The company was based in Chicago and produced a wide variety of modestly priced decorative items until they went out of business in the the 1970's . They were best known for their decorative mirrors, framed prints and wall shelves. The prints and paintings in particular seem to cause the most confusion, we probably get enquires about them several times a month requesting valuations. Sadly the cost of appraising most these pieces on site often exceeds their replacement value.

The reason for this is Turner Wall Art produced mainly low cost "Decorator Art", the type sold in Department and Outlet stores. These pieces were produced in the tens of thousands, in the case of art work much of it depicted was based on 16th to 18th Century " Old Masters", the more modern pictures were commissioned, the work largely unknown artists working under contract. The larger pieces, such as the mirrors and shelves tend to date from later in the companies history produced during the 1960's and early 70's.

The Turner pieces have survived in larger numbers, probably because they tend to be constructed using a lot of plastic/composition and man made materials which are resistant to damage from moisture heat and light that affects items made of natural materials. None of these Turner pieces were considered high quality when first sold and values remain very modest for them in the current secondary market. At auction the mirrors and shelves often sell for less than $100.00, but there are some treasures among the bric a brac, some of the paintings can be worth looking for. The one pictured at the top of this article was originally a 1960's Turner wall accessory large artist print that was modified by with 1970's decoupage nude magazine photos by the Artist Max Fleshman, which sold at auction for $1500.00, in it's original form however it would have been knocked down at auction for less than $50.00.