By mwilcox


One of the things we often have come across our desk are typewriters, while they appear ancient compared to the modern technology we now use everyday, very few can be considered valuable antiques. Most, like the one pictured tend to date between World Wars One & Two  (1918-39) and were mass produced items.

Manufacturers were very competitive during this period, all trying to be the first in making their machines more user friendly, aiming for a bigger market share of the growing American industrial economy. Big name makers included Corona, Oliver, Remington, Royal, Olympia, L.C. Smith and of course Underwood. When the Great Depression arrived in 1929 a lot of marginal companies had to cut back on the number of models offered, some of the lesser known brands went our of business entirely by the mid 1930's. In terms of value, unless you have something unusual or an early portable machine, the majority of the machines in very good working order by the big name makers will often sell as is at auction for less than $175.00. machines in need of restoration or in unknown condition often sell for less than $50.00.