Victorian Bronze Fountain Figures

By mwilcox


Based on the images this 40" tall Bronze figure was probably originally intended to be a “Fountain figure” for use in Victorian garden fountains or Conservatories, Circa 1875-1900. Some, like this one are designed in the style of Auguste Moreau (FRENCH, 1834-1917) a famous Artist known for his Bronze sculptures.

Unsigned bronze pieces like this were often meant for exterior display, most date from the last quarter of the 19th Century. Many of these were salvaged from garden fountains when Victorian homes were demolished or extensive gardens were downsized during the 1930's and 40's. Figures like this can looked quite weathered, as Bronze develops it's own protective “Patina” over time and should not be polished, this aged tarnished look is part of it's original design. Values for unmarked pieces tend to be more modest than for signed examples with Foundry markings, in the current market comparable figures to this one now sell at auction in the $1500.00- $2400.00 range.