Victorian Revival

By mwilcox


This settee is in the Rococo Revival style, which was popular during the third Quarter of the 19th Century, but based on what I can see it's not a period Victorian example, but a later reproduction. During the big run up in values for Original Victorian furniture beginning in the 1970's and 80's reproductions in this style were made to fill the growing demand. The quality of them varies a great deal, but now closing in on over 50 years old, such pieces have weathered enough to make them appear to be originals at first glance.

On these Revival pieces the carving tends to be less detailed and framing heavier, they are not often constructed of expensive hardwoods such mahogany, rosewood or walnut as the originals. The upholstery differs as well, these piece often covered in materials not used in the 1800's and using modern methods of attachment such as staples, or no signs of them being reupholstered. The market for furniture in this style, both reproduction and original crashed in the 1990's and as yet has never recovered. In the current market a comparable settee to this one would sell at auction in the $100.00- $200.00 range.