Victorian Toy?

By mwilcox


Pieces like this are reproductions and not antiques, they appeared during the Antique crazy 1980's and were sold as decorative items in Antique stores. The demand for original Victorian antique toys had driven the values beyond that of what most of the general public could afford.  "Collectibles" like these in the style of the originals were produced in huge numbers to fill the market demand at a lower cost. Most originated in China or Mexico, few have any markings to indicate an origin.

Pieces like this often appear to be older than they really are, as they tend to be decorated in faded colors to give the impression of great age and wear. 30 years of natural weathering, rust and wear which has occurred since they were first sold in the 1980's has also heightened the Antique effect. Values for such pieces tend to be modest when they are identified for what they are, whimsicle reproductions of Victorian Toys. At auction, when properly identified for what they are, comparables often sell for under $150.00.