Vintage 1950's Decorator Lamps

By mwilcox

50s Lamps

Vases used as lamp pedestals are of two types, those that are custom made pieces, using existing 18th or 19th Century pottery or glass vases in their construction, or those that use late 19th to mid 20th Century factory made vases and were "Ready Made" as lamps.

Most lamps of this type are Continental pieces made during the first to second quarter of the 20th Century, some are marked, but quite often the markings are hidden under a baseplate or felt pad on the bottom.This pair appears to be of the second variety, which uses factory made components. Most lamps of this type originate from Italy and were in production both before and after World War Two.

It should be noted that any lamp more than 25 years old should have it's wiring and sockets replaced it there is any sign of cracking or over heating. Replacement of the cords and sockets will not lower the value of a lamp of this type and is considered an acceptable restoration. In the curent market values for these 1950's era Decorator lamps tend to be a bit modest, with comparable pairs often selling at auction for less than $200.00.