Vintage Fridges

By mwilcox


This Vintage Fridge dates Circa 1935. Collectors of Vintage refrigerators are a very small group, the main market being Decorators designing 1920's-30's period Retro Style kitchens, in which case they use fully restored examples. A great many early refrigerators were sold on time payment plans by electric companies to people who other wise could not afford to buy one. A portion of your electrical bill went toward buying the fridge, which was a win for both the public and the electrical companies.

While fully restored examples of late 1920's to 1950's refrigerators can sell for over $3000.00, those sold at auctions and yard sales go for far, far, less Examples in “As Found” condition often sell for far less because refrigerators really need the service of a specialist to restore, as they often require repairs to the refrigeration compressor and the topping up of hazardous coolants.This Vintage Fridge dates Circa 1935, currently one in good working condition would go for about $200.00- $250.00 at auction.